VagiVital® AL for amniotic leakage detection now commercially available

Peptonic Medical today announced that VagiVital® AL Self-Test for amniotic fluid leakage detection is now commercially available for sale in its own online store. Distribution will be continuously broadened to pharmacies and international partners in the coming year.

VagiVital® AL is a patented self-test to detect amniotic fluid leakage. VagiVital® AL in short;

  • A unique patented technology designed to detect amniotic leakage
  • Comes in the form of a panty liner where the patented technology is embedded
  • Can distinguish between amniotic fluid and urine with 97% accuracy

During later stages of pregnancy, many women suffer from diffuse leakage, where it is very difficult to know whether the leakage consists of urine or amniotic fluid. The risk of an undiagnosed amniotic fluid discharge is ascending infections from the vagina into the uterine cavity, which in turn can lead to complications for both mother and child (severe infection in the uterus or placenta, fever, sepsis in the mother, pneumonia in the child). In 47% of cases, doctors are unsure of the diagnosis of hydrocephalus based only on clinical examination and the patient’s input.

– With VagiVital® AL, we provide pregnant women and healthcare providers with a unique, clinically proven and easy-to-use method that has no equivalent on the market today, says Erik Sundquist, CEO at Peptonic Medical.

–The method used in Sweden to rule out suspicion of, or confirm hydrocephalus is a vaginal examination with sterile instruments. It is time-consuming, takes up space at specialist maternity care and can mean unnecessary travel for pregnant women in sparsely populated areas. VagiVital® AL is easier to use, can be sent home with the pregnant woman or performed at the clinic and is therefore a more user-friendly product in outpatient care, says obstetrician and gynecologist Rebecka Kaplan Sturk.

Contact for more information
Erik Sundquist, CEO
Telefon: + 46 722 49 90 43

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