Erik Sundquist appointed as new CEO in Peptonic Medical AB

The Board of Directors of Peptonic Medical (publ) (‘Peptonic’ or ‘the Company’ today announces that Erik Sundquist is appointed as new CEO after Johan Inborr.

As of today Erik Sundquist will take on the role as CEO of Peptonic Medical AB. Erik has a well documented history of successes in leading roles in the internationally MedTech Industry, amongst other as head of Q-Med in Asia Pacific within women’s health.

Erik has worked as a consultant in Peptonic since 2017 and is now appointed CEO to pace up the company business and sales development globally. He knows the company well.

”We are very happy to welcome Erik Sundquist in the role as CEO in Peptonic Medical to lead commercialization in USA and Asia and to show continuous and rapid growth in our company”, says Hans von Celsing, Chairman of the Board of Peptonic.

Erik Sundquist succeeds Johan Inborr that leaves his employment with Peptonic Medical to instead function as a consultant. Johan Inborr will remain in the company group to support the continuous development of the company.

“The competence and experience of Johan Inborr is really important and we are happy that we can continue developing the company together”, says Hans von Celsing.

For information please contact:
Marianne Ostlund
Mobile: +46 705 10 10 34

Erik Sundquist, CEO Peptonic Medical AB
Mobile: +46 72 249 90 43

About Peptonic Medical AB

Peptonic Medical AB (publ) is an innovative biomedical company that conducts research on and development of drugs and medical devices in the field of women’s health. Our vision is to offer safe and effective treatments for women-specific diseases and medical conditions. Peptonic Medical launched VagiVital® in July 2018. This is a hormone-free product for the treatment of vaginal atrophy and vaginal dryness. The company’s development program also includes Vagitocin® – a product that contains oxytocin for the treatment of vaginal atrophy. The development of Vagitocin® has been put on hold pending new information regarding the mechanism of action of oxytocin in this indication. The company was founded in 2009 and the share has been traded since 2014 on Spotlight (, short code: PMED) in Stockholm.

Since August 2020, Lune Group Oy Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Peptonic Medical. Lune Group Oy Ltd. is a company founded by Heli Kurjanen in 2005. The company’s business concept is to lead a menstrual revolution in a positive spirit. By focusing on sustainable development, environmental issues and the promotion of sexual health, the company has developed to take the lead for the menopausal companies. Lunette® menstrual cups are an alternative to disposable menstrual protection and last for several years. The company has resellers in 50 countries and sells Lunette products to over 100 countries via its web shop. Lune Group has in the USA the subsidiary Lune North America Inc. Lunette® menstrual cups are designed, manufactured and packaged in Finland. For more information about Lunette®, visit