Patents & trademarks

Patents and intangible assets

The company has sought intellectual property protection for its products in all major markets. Peptonic currently owns two substantial patent families and three applications.


Patent families

1. Formulation and dose levels in vaginal atrophy. This patent family is approved in all significant EU/EFTA countries as well as in the USA, Australia, China, Israel, Russia, Turkey, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and South Africa. The patent provides a patent protection until 2032 for the formulation previously used in the Vagitocin gel with oxytocin. The same gel base is also used in VagiVital.

2. Peptonic Medical has filed a PCT patent application to protect VagiVital. 


1. Application to patent the treatment of vestibulitis with the company’s self-care product VagiVital. The background to this potential indication expansion for VagiVital is the symptom relief VagiVital provides. The application was submitted in May 2020 and the company received a positive opinion on the application from the international supervisory authority in September 2022. 

2. Application for patent protection of a developed intimate wash based on VagiVital. The innovation lies in the combination of the water-based gel VagiVital with an oil. The combination results in a product that distinguishes itself from other similar products on the market. In 2022, the company received a positive opinion regarding the application from the international audit authority 

3. Application to patent a treatment of intimate fungal infections and bacterial vaginosis. The background to the application is, among other things, positive results from in vitro studies showing an effective antifungal effect of a newly developed gel based on the same technological platform as VagiVital. The application was submitted in November 2020. The application was submitted in May 2020. The company received a positive opinion on the application from the international supervisory authority in September 2022.

Furthermore, Peptonic Medical Israel Ltd owns three essential patent families;

1. Secretion-Testing Article, patent family that describes how to test Ph values and through it can distinguish when it comes to bacterial vaginosis. Approved in Canada, Israel and the United States. Valid until November 2023, except in the United States where validity extends until November 2025.
2. Diagnostic Compostion for identifying amniotic fluid, the patent family that protects the new variant of VagiVital AL. Grants are available in, among others, the USA, Brazil, Australia, Japan, China, India, Turkey and all essential countries in Europe until the year 2035.


Peptonic Medical has four approved brand families which are listed below. 

1. VagiVital, which is approved in the EU, the USA and even in Norway, the application is available in additional countries

2. Vagitocin, which is approved in the EU area and in the USA

3. Lunette, via Lune Group Oy

4. FloriSense, via CommonSense

Domain names

The company has control over, among others, the following domain names, which have been assessed as the most significant;

1. and also

2. and