Peptonic’s self-test for bacterial vaginosis to be sold in over 220 Apoteket stores

Peptonic Medical AB (publ) (“Peptonic”) announced today that the company’s patented product for self-testing of bacterial vaginosis, VagiVital VS, is being offered for sale in over 220 Apoteket stores in Sweden.

”It is very gratifying that Apoteket is starting to sell VagiVital VS in its physical stores. VagiVital VS will broaden Apoteket’s offer to many women because they already sell Pharmiva’s treatment Vernivia against bacterial vaginosis. The agreement is further proof that our unique holistic concept of Diagnosing, Treating and Preventing attracts both end customers and distribution channels,” said Peptonic’s Sweden manager Fanny Falkman Grinndal.

VagiVital VS is Peptonic’s best-selling product globally, and together with Vernivia, women are now offered the opportunity to self-diagnose and treat bacterial vaginosis with clinically proven self-care products from Peptonic. In 2024, Peptonic will also launch a preventive product against bacterial vaginosis, making the concept complete for the indication – we diagnose, treat and prevent.

VagiVital VS will be available in Apoteket’s stores in February 2024, and the agreement applies to distribution in more than 220 of Apoteket’s physical stores.

”Sweden is an important reference market for Peptonic. In the Q3 2023 report, we announced that so far this year, we have grown by +53% in a market that generally grows by 10%. The rapid underlying growth that we see in the domestic market constitutes an important reference in conversations with international partners for their respective local markets,” said Erik Sundquist, CEO of Peptonic Medical.

VagiVital VS is a clinically proven self-test that diagnoses symptoms of bacterial vaginosis with 92 percent accuracy. The test is carried out on vaginal fluid and indicates the answer within 30 seconds. VagiVital VS is unique with its combination of precision and immediate results.