Peptonic’s Lunette® and Peak Performance Release Menstrual Cup Case For Modern Female Adventurers

Peptonic Medical (publ) announced today that its wholly owned daughter company Lune Oy Ltd has signed a marketing collaboration agreement with a Swedish company Peak Performance.

Aiming to raise the taboo topic of periods, Scandinavian brands Peak Performance and Peptonic owned Lunette are joining forces for a special launch on International Women’s Day. In their common efforts to empower women and create purposeful and long-lasting products, they are now launching a sanitizer case for menstrual cups to bring on hikes and outdoor adventures.

Shaped from durable and airtight stainless steel, the cup is disinfected properly by removing the lid and the pint ring, then putting the cup case on a fire to boil. Through a clip-on feature, it’s easy to attach to the rest of your gear, making it perfect for long adventures. Designed for modern female trailblazers, it provides for multi-day adventures on the mountain.

Periods still being a taboo topic in society, Lunette and Peak Performance want to initiate an open dialogue around periods and the way it limits women in everyday life, not least outdoor-related activities.

The joint collaboration includes marketing activities around the Lunette Menstrual Cup Case and seeking feedback from consumers on the product. Exploring more innovations around sustainable and period related products outdoors supports the Peptonic Medical growth agenda on continuously finding new solutions to improve Women’s Health.

Erik Sundquist, CEO
Telefon: + 46 722 49 90 43

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