Peptonic’s distribution agreement with German Medical Store expands with additional products

Peptonic Medical (publ) announces that the distribution agreement with medtech company GMS Healthcare Group in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) expands with three additional VagiVital® products.

“We are delighted to enhance our collaboration with GMS Healthcare Group. Our acquisition of Israeli CommonSense highlighted the innovation potential of the amniocentesis leakage test that could pave the way for additional products to be added when we sign partner agreements.  This important extended agreement is an excellent illustration,” said Erik Sundquist, CEO of Peptonic.

During the third quarter of 2022, Peptonic signed an exclusive distribution agreement with GMS Healthcare Group regarding Peptonic patented amniocentesis leak test in the UAE.

After a successful launch of the test in the UAE in the first quarter of 2023, GMS Healthcare Group now expand its collaboration with Peptonic Medical. An exclusive supplementary agreement has been signed for the following products:

  • VagiVital VS Pro, a professional version of Peptonics’s patented test for vaginal infections.
  • VagiVital AktivGel, a treatment for vaginal atrophy
  • VagiVital Moisturizing V Cleanser, a moisturizing intimate cleanser

“GMS Healthcare has an extensive network in UAE, and we value their approach towards education and service,” says Erik Sundquist

“We started our partnership with Peptonic around the company’s patented amniocentesis leak test. We are very pleased to now expand the collaboration with more products from Peptonic’s innovative women’s health portfolio”, says Bishnu Bahadur Adhikari, CEO of GMS Healthcare Group.

Erik Sundquist, CEO

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About GMS Healthcare Group

GMS is a life science company that imports and distributes medical devices and dietary supplements.  The vision aims to offer improved health by importing and distributing innovative and high-quality products. The team consists of doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists where service and training services to customers are an important part of the success. The company was founded in 2015. 

About Peptonic Medical AB

Peptonic is a Swedish innovative biomedical company that conducts research, development and sales of medical treatments and lifestyle products in the field of women’s health. Peptonic has divided its operations into two business areas: “Medical Consumer” and “Lifestyle Consumer”. The business area “Medical Consumer” is based on clinically proven intimate self-care and constitutes the company’s main focus and is sold under the VagiVital brand. The “Lifestyle Consumer” business area consists of lifestyle products with a focus on sustainable menstrual products and is sold under the Lunette brand. The company was founded in 2009 and the stock has been traded since 2014 on Spotlight ( in Stockholm. More information about Peptonic Medical is available on