Peptonic signs distribution agreement with Cetro Medical AB in Sweden

Peptonic Medical AB (publ) today announced that the company has signed an exclusive agreement with Cetro Medical for distribution of VagiVital VS Pro and VagiVital AL to gynecology and obstetrics clinics in Sweden.

The agreements means that Cetro Medical gets an exclusive right to sell VagiVital in the professional channel, i.e. to hospital and clinics. The agreement spans over three years with possible extension.

“In Cetro Medical we get a resourceful partner with a long and successful experience in distribution of products for gynecology and obstetrics. This is a partnership and a cooperation model that we are very much looking forward to develop”, says Erik Sundquist, CEO of Peptonic. 

It further enables Peptonic to focus on its core business; clinically proven intimate self care according to the principle diagnose, treat, prevent. A user of Peptonics products shall be able to manage everything from identifying and treating the intimate health problem to preventive actions with products that prohibit the problems from returning.

Some of the products are excellent for distribution to different healthcare units;

  • VagiVital VS Pro is a customized version of VagiVital VS, which we sell directly to consumers. VagiVital VS Pro enables healthcare professionals to screen for bacterial vaginosis with a unique combination of precision and immediate results.
  • VagiVital AL. Allows healthcare professionals to identify amniotic leakage with the same precision as in a gynaecological examination, but without using sterile instruments and need for consulting rooms.

“This is to us an optimization of resources and business potential and a model that we intend to apply when we build our own brand globally in a cost- and resource-efficient way,” says Erik Sundquist.

“Cetro Medical delivers innovative and gentle examinations and treatments. We see Peptonic’s care-adapted products as perfect additions to our portfolio and are in line with our current offering”, says Carlos Wilhemsson, CEO of Cetro Medical.

Erik Sundquist, CEO

Telefon: + 46 722 49 90 43


About Cetro Medical AB 

Cetro Medical is a Swedish medtech company that provides first-class medical device products – mainly own developed disposable instruments in carefully designed injection molded plastic material, but also accessories for these. The company turnover is approximately 200 MSEK. The focus is to offer the market’s best designed instruments for gynecological and surgical instruments. Thanks to efficient production with automated machinery and large storage areas, Cetro Medical offers competitive prices and fast, safe deliveries from its own warehouse. Cetro Medical was founded in the sixties and has built, nurtures and develops mutually fruitful long-term relationships with key stakeholders in Swedish healthcare. For additional information see  

About Peptonic Medical AB

Peptonic is a Swedish innovative biomedical company that conducts research, development and sales of medical treatments and lifestyle products in the field of women’s health. Peptonic has divided its operations into two business areas: “Medical Consumer” and “Lifestyle Consumer”. The business area “Medical Consumer” is based on clinically proven intimate self-care and constitutes the company’s main focus and is sold under the VagiVital brand. The “Lifestyle Consumer” business area consists of lifestyle products with a focus on sustainable menstrual products and is sold under the Lunette brand. The company was founded in 2009 and the stock has been traded since 2014 on Spotlight ( in Stockholm. More information about Peptonic Medical is available on