Peptonic Medical AB outlines short term strategic priorities to accelerate sales growth under the leadership of its new CEO

Peptonic Medical AB (“Peptonic”) clarifies short term strategic priorities under the leadership of its new CEO. Committed to achieving tangible results, the company is prioritizing its core product portfolio and streamlining organizational efforts to propel existing products and partner agreements. Challenges hindering this focus will be resolutely addressed or temporarily set aside. The impetus behind these strategic priorities is rooted in the recognition of substantial sales opportunities within the realm of existing products and partner markets.

By concentrating efforts on maximizing sales across the current product portfolio and fortified partner agreements, Peptonic aims to rectify the existing pace of sales growth, which has not yet reached the desired acceleration. The strategic priorities are underscored by the immense sales potential inherent in the existing intimate self-care product portfolio and various geographic partner markets, emphasizing a commitment to capitalizing on these opportunities. At the heart of Peptonic’s pursuit of financial success lies its unique array of clinically proven self-diagnostic rapid tests and self-care/preventive treatments.

In alignment with these priorities, the company acknowledges that the pace of introducing new products to the portfolio might experience a temporary slowdown compared to previous communications. This decision of filing for bankruptcy of Lune is prompted by the stark realization that the business lacked the anticipation of a reversal in the declining sales trend or a resolution to liquidity issues. Importantly, the potential bankruptcy of Lune is not foreseen to significantly impact Peptonic’s cash flow or liquidity. Instead, it avoid stemming losses from a segment that lies outside core focus of Peptonic.

Crucially, the company underscores the understanding that the fruition of partner agreements is a process that may unfold gradually, given the intricacies of local regulatory approval processes and the time required for customer recognition post-launch. Undeterred, Peptonic affirms its undiminished pace in these efforts, recognizing their pivotal role in contributing significantly to the company’s long-term success. Simultaneously, heightened efforts are slated to be executed in parallel to fortify partnerships that are already operational.

In the pursuit of growth, the United States emerges as a highly attractive market for intimate self-care, standing as a focal point for Peptonic’s strategic initiatives. Ongoing efforts to increase sales through prominent retail chains such as CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart, featuring the company’s self-test for bacterial vaginosis under their brand names, remain steadfast. Additionally, the company is actively engaged in broadening its product offerings within these chains. It is anticipated that the acceleration of sales through these channels will take time, prompting short-term initiatives focused on increasing sales under the company’s own brand, particularly through social media avenues.

In summary, Peptonic Medical AB is strategically prioritizing existing product sales and partner agreements, concurrently optimizing operational efficiency. While the pace of introducing new products may experience a temporary deceleration, the company remains steadfast in addressing short-term initiatives aimed at boosting sales and fortifying its position in the dynamic market landscape.

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About Peptonic Medical AB

Peptonic Medical AB is an innovative Swedish biomedical company engaged in the development and sales of unique medical treatments in the field of women’s intimate health. Under the brands VagiVital® and Vernivia®, the product portfolio encompasses treatments for various conditions such as vaginal atrophy, bacterial vaginosis, and urinary tract infections. These clinically tested products address the growing demand for intimate self-care within the business concept of Diagnose, Treat, Prevent. Sweden serves as the reference market to facilitate geographic expansion in collaboration with local distributors. The United States is the largest market in terms of sales.

The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with a sales office in New York, NY, and an R&D unit in Caesarea, Israel. Peptonic Medical also has a wholly owned subsidiary, Lune Oy, in Finland, focusing on sustainable period products sold under the Lunette®️ brand.                                                                  

The company’s shares have been listed on since 2014.