Lunette has received two orders from UN

Peptonic Medical (publ) informed today that it’s wholly owned subsidiary Lune Group Oy has got an order from UN. The first of its kind.

Earlier this year Lunette signed LTA (long term agreement) with UNFPA and UN UNICEF organizations. Later this agreement was piggybacked by UNHCR which is the UN Refugee Agency. The initial partnership spans over 3 years with a potential of 2 years prolongation. Besides these agreements Lunette has also signed three Trilateral Agreements with UN kit suppliers. 

Lunette menstrual cups will be supplied through ”dignity kits” as well as separately through different sexual and reproductive health services in several different countries. 

“These first two orders are small, correlating to ca 85 000 Swedish kronor, but indicate a start of a valuable partnership with different UN organizations. We have worked long and hard on our mission to ensure safe and sustainable period care, as well as end period poverty. We are excited to put this mission into real actions which will impact eventually millions of girls and women”, says Heli Kurjanen, founder and CEO of Lunette. 

Erik Sundquist, CEO

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Peptonic Medical AB (publ) is an innovative medtech start up company, dedicated to researching and developing ground breaking products in the women’s health space and improving access to these products on a global scale. 

Founded in 2009, the company now produces its own range of intimate health and wellness products under the Vagivital brand and is also the parent company of Lune Group Oy Ltd and Peptonic Medical Israel Ltd. The group is home to a holistic range of products that are trusted by experts and loved by customers. Peptonic Medical share has been traded on Spotlight ( in Stockholm since 2014.