PEPTONIC medical has secured a strong patent protection for Vagitocin® with coverage through 2032. The work with VagiVital® is ongoing.

Key claims include but are not limited to:

  • Use of Substances with Oxytocin Activity for Climateric/Menopausal Disorders.
  • Use of Oxytocin for the Preparation of a Pharmaceutical Composition Against Cancer in Situ and Cervictis, only in USA.
  • Novel Topical Composition of Oxytocin for use for Local Treatment of Vaginal Atrophy.
  • A peptide to create Eustasis, only in USA.

Patent strategy – Future possibilities

The company have filed a patent for the use of VagiVital® in climacteric disorders, it is still pending. Two other filed patents are pending, they cover oxytocin use in other indications. The intention are to file other additional patents in the area.


Vagitocin® is a proprietary trademark of PEPTONIC medical and is registered in Europe, USA and Australia. VagiVital® is also a proprietary trademark of PEPTONIC medical, at the moment approved throughout EU and in Norway. Work with extension of the countries is ongoing