Doz Apotek to sell Vernivia in 51 of its 70 stores

Peptonic Medical AB (publ) (“Peptonic”) announced today that Doz Apotek will include the company’s product Vernivia against bacterial vaginosis in the assortment in 51 of its 70 physical stores in Sweden.

Vernivia will be available in the selected 51 stores from February 2024.

“It is very gratifying that Doz Apotek includes our product Vernivia in the range of most of its stores. This marks an important success for both women’s health and our presence in the market. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with Doz Apotek and to continue contributing to better health for women,” said Fanny Falkman-Grinndal, Business Manager Nordics, Peptonic Medical.

Vernivia vaginal mousse effectively treats bacterial imbalance in the vagina, so-called bacterial vaginosis, and quickly relieves foul-smelling discharge within 12 hours. Vernivia is easy to use, restores the pH balance and works by mimicking the vagina’s own immune system.

When treated with Vernivia, the growth of lactobacilli is stimulated, whose production of lactic acid forms an important part of the vagina’s natural defense against bacterial and fungal infections. The effect is clinically proven and equivalent to prescription antibiotics.

For further information, please contact:

Fanny Falkman Grinndal, Business Manager Nordics, Peptonic Medical

Phone: +46 70-196 17 97


About PEPTONIC Medical AB

Peptonic Medical AB is an innovative Swedish biomedical company engaged in research, development, and sales of unique medical treatments in the field of women’s intimate health. Under the brand VagiVital®, the product portfolio encompasses treatments for various conditions such as vaginal atrophy, bacterial vaginosis, and urinary tract infections. These clinically tested products address the growing demand for intimate self-care within the business concept of Diagnose, Treat, Prevent. Sweden serves as the reference market to facilitate geographic expansion in collaboration with local distributors. The United States is the largest market in terms of sales. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with a sales office in New York, NY, and an R&D unit in Caesarea, Israel. Peptonic Medical also has a wholly owned subsidiary, Lune Oy, in Finland, focusing on sustainable period products sold under the Lunette®️ brand ( The company’s shares have been listed on since 2014.