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Meeting with MPA

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A regulatory/scientific, advisory meeting has been performed at the MPA on the 25.3.13. The results from the recently concluded clinical study and the design of the planned phase III were

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Approval of patent

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A new formulation patent for oxytocin was approved by the Swedish patent authorities in February 2013. PEPTONIC has received a patent on the new formulation of Vagitocin. Sweden was the

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    About us

    PEPTONIC Medical is an innovative Swedish pharmaceutical company developing and commercializing safe and effective products for the treatment of menopausal symptoms, such as vaginal atrophy. VagiVital® is a registered trademark of PEPTONIC Medical. The product is being commercialised for the non-prescription use for the treatment of vaginal atrophy.

    The Company was founded in 2009 and its first candidate drug product is Vagitocin® – an estrogen-free oxytocin based product for the treatment of vaginal atrophy in clinical development phase 2.

    Oxytocin has a long history of safe and effective medical use and offers an alternative to estrogen and estrogen-like acting compounds for menopausal and postmenopausal women.