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Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg

Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg is the person behind the oxytocin research that is the foundation of PEPTONIC medical’s products. For nearly thirty years she has researched the oxytocin hormone – the hormone of “peace and calm”.

Oxytocin has many positive effects

Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg is a professor in physiology, and among other things she has written three books about how oxytocin affects us – books that attracted much attention. The latest of these books is entitled ‘OXYTOCIN – The Biological Guide to Motherhood’ – about the role oxytocin plays in motherhood.

Kerstin’s interest for oxytocin was awoken when she herself had children and discovered how she changed. Oxytocin has long been known as a hormone that stimulates the production of milk during breast feeding and contractions during the birth process. But Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg’s research shows that oxytocin also has many other positive effects, both for women and for men. Oxytocin can sooth pain, lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormones.

Among the effects that Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg and her colleagues saw was that cuts and lesions healed quicker when oxytocin was applied to them.

– We then began to wonder whether the hormone could make the mucous membrane heal quicker, too. I contacted a number of gynaecologists to investigate whether women who had vaginal atrophy (dry and extremely sensitive vaginal mucous membrane) during the menopause could benefit and gain a positive effect from oxytocin.

When a woman enters the menopause, production of estrogen, which is an important growth factor for the vaginal mucous membrane, starts to decrease.

– Normally there are eight to ten layers of cells that reduce to one or two during the menopause, says Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg. This means that the mucous membrane become thin and easily starts to bleed. Many women experience this as extremely unpleasant. Both as a part of daily life, but above all, during intercourse, whichcan be extremely painful.

When the women in the clinical study had been treated with oxytocin for seven days, the growth of the mucous membrane was accelerated and bleeding was reduced. The women felt much better.

It is this research that is the basis of Vagitocin® – the pharmaceutical preparation based on oxytocin that PEPTONIC medical has developed. The company will of course continue with all necessary clinical studies to get an approval of the product.


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